What to expect 

Bounce, bounce, bounce, shoot, rebound, run, bounce, shoot, swish! Repeat!

Are you the best in your office at throwing a ball of paper into a bin? Or do you simply like throwing objects on the floor or around you? Then Basketball is definitely for you!

Fun team sport played in a 5 vs 5 format with substitutes, open to players of every level.  A high vertical leap or being tall is not a prerequisite!

Key Informations

  • In a school gym
  • 5 vs 5
  • Up to 14 players (two substitute per team)
  • All levels mixed
  • In the city centre
  • 10 min by foot from Gare Cornavin
  • Fun and relaxed atmosphere
  • Fee: CHF 10.- for two hours to pay in advance when you arrive.
  • What to bring: Bring indoor sports shoes and sports clothes. Locker-room and showers are available if necessary.
  • Access: Please refer to the information provided on the corresponding map.

  • Meeting point: Please refer to the information provided on the corresponding map.

Note: Please do not cancel your RSVP on the day of the event. Any cancellation less than 24h before the event will be charged.

  • Please respond “going” only if you are sure to come, as places are limited.
  • Please note that the event will be cancelled if the minimum number of participants required is not reached.
  • Please take care and note that the organiser will not be responsible for any injuries occurring as a result of or during the activity.


Where: Ecole primaire des Pâquis
Rue de la Navigation 20 · Genève

Price: 10 CHF

Days & Time:

Monday 6pm to 8pm (advanced level)

  • Access: 7 minute walk from the Cornavin train station in the direction of Paquis.
  • Meeting point: The entrance is in the middle of the school playground (tall green structure with « accès piscine et salle de gym » sign).
    From the entrance, go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, take the first door to your left, follow the corridor with entrances to the locker rooms on either sides and you will see the entrance to the gym. Look at the pin of the map for exact location of entrance.

Where: École Ferdinand-Holder
Corner of rue Jacques-Dalcroze and Ferdinand-Hodler

Price: 10 CHF

Days & Time:

Friday 6pm to 8pm


  • Access: Bus 8 until stop “Rive” and then walk up hill 10 seconds and turn left. Walk until you reach the corner of rue Jacques-Dalcroze and rue Ferdinand-Hodler you should see a big metal double door. It’s in there. 
  • Meeting point: Let’s meet 10min before in front of the school main entrance.