What to expect 

Badminton is the star of the show. Our most popular activity by far!

Organized as many times per week as you see your boss, it could well take all of your TV show time (and eating popcorn is also allowed during breaks).

Played almost exclusively in doubles shuffle mode, you will very quickly learn to adapt your game to your partners.

From small group sessions (16 players) to enormous group sessions (the record stands at 70 players), it’s been proved to be more efficient for mingling than any social app. And on top of that, it happens in the real world!

Very easy to handle and fun to play, badminton suits all types of player, regardless of age or physical ability.

But be careful, it becomes really addictive and there is no cure for it! (Please note that we don’t accept any responsibility if you get hooked).

Side note for all animal lovers: we strictly use non-feather shuttlecocks.

Key Informations

  • 4 to 15 courts
  • Doubles shuffle mode
  • 16 to 70 players
  • All levels mixed
  • In six different areas of the city
  • Easy to start
  • Very addictive!!


  • Fee: CHF 10.- for two hours to pay in advance when you arrive.
  • What to bring: Bring a badminton racket (we may have some old ones to lend you but please ask before); we’ll bring the shuttlecocks. Bring also indoor sports shoes and sports clothes. There is a locker-room and showers if needed.

  • Tips: want to improve or to learn some new tricks from a professional coach so you can test yourself in one of our very friendly (and completely not official) tournaments? Your wish is granted! Lessons and tournaments are organised regularly so stay tuned!
  • Access: Please refer to the information provided on the corresponding map.
  • Meeting pointPlease refer to the information provided on the corresponding map.

Note: Please do not cancel your RSVP on the day of the event. Any cancellation less than 24h before the event will be charged.

  • Please only answer “going” if you are sure to come as places are limited.
  • Please note that the event will be cancelled if the minimum participant required is not reached.
  • Please note that the organiser declines all responsibility for any injuries during the activity.


Where: Prairie: Gymnase HEPIA
Rue de la Prairie 4 · 

GPS coordinates: 46.20954570213081, 6.135417738515153 (

Price: 10 CHF

Days & Time: 

Monday 8pm to 10pm (advanced level)

  • Access: Bus stop “Prairie” and then walk 2min to the HEPIA or walk 10min from train station Cornavin.
  • Meeting point: Let’s meet 10min before in front of the HEPIA main entrance. If you are late, enter directly and go downstairs to the gym.

Where: Eaux-Vives: Business School Raymond-Uldry
Chemin du Domaine-Patry 1 · Chêne-Bougeries

GPS coordinates: 46.20532117315739, 6.1802007700125685 (

Price: 10 CHF

Days & Time:

Tuesday 8pm to 10pm

  • Meeting point: From Chemin du Domaine Patry 1 go to the little entrance at the end of the ramp on the left of the foot/basket outdoor field. We’ll be waiting you directly in the gym from 7:45pm. Enter and go directly up to the 3rd floor and enter Gym 3 (locker rooms are on 4th floor).

Where: Grottes: Gymnase des Grottes
Rue Jean-Robert-Chouet 8 · 

GPS coordinates: 46.21219393998369, 6.136066096717859 (

Price: 10 CHF

Days & Time: 

Tuesday 8pm to 10pm

Friday 8pm to 10pm

  • Meeting point: Let’s meet 10min before in front of the school main entrance. If you arrive later, the gym is just on the right of the entrance.

Where: Salle de gymnastique des Vieux-Grenadiers
Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 15 · Genève

GPS coordinates: 46.198570573959685, 6.13763076870167 (

Price: 10 CHF

Days & Time:

Wednesday 6pm to 8pm (intermediate level)

  • Access: Bus 2 until stop “Musée d’ethnographie” and walk 2 minutes or tram 12 until stop “Plainpalais” and then walk up 6 minutes. The venue is face to the MAMCO museum.


  • Meeting point: We will meet directly inside the gym which is on your left after the entrance. You have to go downstairs, cross the locker rooms and then go upstairs. The gym is on your left.

Where: Nations: School Genêts
Chemin de Sous-Bois 1-3 · Genève

GPS coordinates: 46.22144897463936, 6.133326809727303 (

Price: 10 CHF

Days & Time: 

Thursday 8pm to 10pm

  • Meeting point: Let’s meet 10min before in front of the gym door (on the right of the school main entrance). If you arrive later, the door will be open, so you can directly enter and go downstairs to join us in the gym.

Where: Nations: Collège Calvin
Rue Ferdinand-Hodler 4 · Genève

GPS coordinates: 46.2007408439266, 6.152486055808066 (

Price: 10 CHF

Days & Time: 

Friday 6pm to 8pm

  • Access: Access: Bus 8 until stop “Rive” and then walk up hill 10 seconds and turn left. Walk until you reach the corner of rue Jacques-Dalcroze and rue Ferdinand-Hodler you should see a big metal double door. It’s in there.
  • Meeting point: Let’s meet 10min before in front of the school main entrance. If you arrive later, after the entrance, go downstairs and follow de corridor until the third gym (the one with the rock climbing wall) and go downstairs again.