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Super pour rester en forme

As an unpaid intern at one of the many NGOs in Geneva, I participated in sport activities about 2-3 times a week as it was a much cheaper alternative to a gym membership. At about 10 CHF a session, much more economical alternative in comparison to the exorbitant gym membership fees in this city, I got a good work out playing soccer, basketball, badminton, volleyball and padel tennis (a must try if you’ve never played- it’s like a crossover between tennis and squash but twice as fun. Definitely to be considered if you’re a fitness freak or can’t sit still for too long!


Absolutely brilliant. I play mainly badminton, sometimes ping pong. People are nice, the price (10 francs) is unbeatable. Locations are super convenient. This club certainly makes my life in Geneva much more pleasant.


What a vibrant and international community!

I got to know about the sports club through the meetup app while looking for social activities in Geneva. Having just gotten out of a 7 year relationship, I was looking for something to do on a Sunday instead of moping around the house so signed up for a casual tennis game at Vessy sports centre.

Through this experienced, I rekindled my teenage passion for tennis and also got to try out other new sports while meeting a diverse group of people, some from countries I’ve never heard of in my life through the regular social events organized. It has changed my perspective on a lot of things and I’m glad I clicked going on the meetup app that very first time I came to an activity.


I’ve joined Geneva sport group around 5 months ago without any expectations, in fact I thought that it will only be a one time thing… I stayed till this day not only because of sport and the fact that I had the chance to improve my skills, but mostly because of incredible people I have met. Spending time with them in the gym and not only, it’s a great fun and pleasure. I’m really happy of the day I decided to give Geneva sports club a try. David created something unique and I can only thank him for that. Also huge THANK YOU to my volleyball friends, see you at the next game!


Awesome way to make new friends in a new city

As somebody who moves frequently for work, never spending more than a year in a certain place, the sports club was a great way for me to meet like-minded people while doing things I am passionate about (ie. sport). On my first weekend in Geneva, I found out about GSC through the glocals page and decided to give their Friday night badminton sessions a go thinking it was going to be a small group with only 7 other people responding on the page. I was quickly contacted by David to confirm my attendance for that very evening.

I turned up to a massive group of about 50 players from complete beginners with no experience playing badminton other than PE classes in middle school, to pros whom I later found out also regularly participate in open tournaments. The games were well-organized, racquets were provided for people who did not own one such as myself, and the basic rules were explained to the small group of us who were new. After the game, most of the participants headed to a nearby pub for casual drinks where I got to know several of the other players who later became pretty close friends. The group turned out to be the best introduction to Genevoise culture one can expect.


Although I was only in Geneva for 4 weeks, I ended up attending about 2-3 sessions per week as I found it a good way to keep fit while fulfilling my need for social interactions outside of work and I can definitely say it’s joining in on one of their events is a must do for someone who is new in this city.




Excellent way to get to meet people in a new city while getting fit. Also, events are always well organized and the turn out is amazing. Must try for anyone new to Geneva.


Brilliant organization as well as accommodation for new players. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time playing badminton. Courts were well maintained and extremely well located within the city center conveniently accessible by public transport.